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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  May 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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quicker clearing expected. the coast will remain on the cool side. for the rest of us for that sunshine, the ridge is strengthening over the area. widespread 60s in the forecast around the bay and our inland communities, a widespread 70s, the shade of orange in the central valley indicating 80s beginning to creep our way as well. we'll continue to the warming trend, 76 in concord for the afternoon and 74 for san jose. low 60s san francisco and 74 expected, for the first part of the weekend, we'll have a look at the extended forecast in a little bit. good morning sal. good morning to you, right now we're looking good. we're going to hit the road any time soon. it looks good, no delays at the toll plaza, nice shot of the bridge getting up to treasure
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island. we can see both directions and we can see both directions on the eastern span. on the richmond approach, westbound 580 is moving along nicely. and eastbound 580. if you're on your way to marin it shouldn't be bad at the toll plaza. it looks good from hayward all the way over to san mateo. now, 4:31 let's go to the desk. >> the search continues this morning for a girl seen screaming for help in the suv. they went through the toll plaza saturday night. we're live at the toll plaza on what a toll taker witnessed. good morning to you. >> yeah good morning, a disturbing account, he saw a girl inside that suv who really appeared to be in trouble. she was somewhere between 9 and 12 years old and she was seen struggling with the two adults in the front seat of that suv.
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there was a man driving, a woman in a passenger seat and the girl was kneeling between them. these were surveillance images taken last night at 12:30, it's a gray, midnight chevy blazer. it had no permanent license plates on it which made the toll taker suspicious. the toll take ner question asked the girl inside the suv if the man and woman that she was with were her parents and she said no. that's when the chp were called to help. they were unable to track down the suv that night, he just felt there was something off about this. he's the father of two so he was very in tune with that fact and he really felt that this little girl, this juvenile may have been in some distress. >> and the chp says the driver of that suv, they're looking for, was a black man in his 60s
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with a beard. he handed the toll taker a dollar and did not pay the full $5 toll. they need to speak with the adults to try to clear up this situation. they say there's the possibility this may have been some kind of a family dispute, but there's also the possibility that this was something worse. so, they need to figure out what was going on here. >> we hope this girl is okay, though, all right, thank you so much. >> we're learning new details about a dui case in livermore where a car careened into a backyard into an apartment building and killed a mother and daughter. it was going 99 miles per hour at the time of the crash. the street has a 35 miles per hour posted speed limit. brian jones is accused of being behind the wheel with a blood alcohol twice the legal limit. he was in court yesterday where he faced an angry crowd. family and friends of the
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victims say they were there to send a message. >> we need justice, i wouldn't want something to happen to my family and not have justice for it. >> just to make it clear, this is a terrible situation, mr. jones never intended to hurt or kill anybody, and it's real tragic what happened here. >> earlier this month jones was allowed to post bail and go home which upset the victims' family members, but he's being held without bail. his next hearing is set for june 16th. your personal tax information may be in the hands of hackers. the irs has told us there's been a data breach for 100,000. >> the congress will want an answer here, this is a stumble for the irs. the internal revenue service likes to keep tabs on all of us and who is keeping an eye on
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them. the agency trusted with our personal financial date and they could have hacked all that data. they have hacked for refunds in irs it's possible that some of these transcript accesses could be used for next year's tax season. how did this happen? it was through an website called get transcript which has been shut down. this was no ordinary hack. >> they are sure this is a sophisticated operation, in order to get in they had to already have a lot of personal information about each of these taxpayers, they had had to have social media birth dates and your tax filing status. who was hit? they'll be notifying those taxpayers whose information was stolen and offer free credit monitoring, but the extent of the damage may not be known for
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months. >> the reality is for hackers there's a lot of money to be made from the irs, the agency estimates that in 2013 alone may have paid out $5.8 billion to identity thieves, in washington, ktvu news. a man committed 6 armed robberies in one day. they spotted the suspects inside a stolen car, they refused to pull over, but ditched a car after driving down a dead end. the pair was seen run nothing a creek police received calls from neighbors who pointed officers in the suspects direction, they were found hiding inside a vacant home. >> i'm happy they got them. i think they're doing a better job with burglaries and robberies that have gone down. >> the six robberies happened yesterday morning. they're looking at whether the
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suspects are responsible for more robberies around oakland. they're identifying two men seen on surveillance video burglarizing a home. they break into a home at harrington court at 3:45 yesterday afternoon. they're wearing gloves and hooded sweat shirts, they stole electronic devices and jewelry. the san francisco school board is cracking down on enrollment, the chronicle reports that the board voted to ban nonresident students for the school of the arts in the fall. the school is in the diamond heights district, it attracts students across northern california who audition for a spot. right now more than 80 students attend the school outside of the school. this is more than the 10% cap made years ago.
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a construction project is getting under way. cost moscone convention center is 20% of all tourism? san francisco. it is 20,000 square feet. it's the largest convention center in the country. it's a draw back for groups who want to meet in san francisco. they're expanding. >> many groups are outgrowing us, a lot of people would like to meet in san francisco but they can't because the center is too low. >> they'll replace the lobby of moscone south with new exhibit space, meeting rooms and ballroom facilities, it includes a pedestrian bridge bring so howard street will be closed for oracle world and dream works. it's expected to be done by 2018. the contra costa's wish to
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expand the jail are meeting community opposition. they're worried about they'll bring more inmates to richmond. it will be the largest jail in the county with 1,000 inmates. they want to hear details about mental health and drug treatment and job training programs that the sheriff offers those inmates. there's not enough room at the main jail in martinez. the city council faced an angry crowd for not moving faster to hire the interim police chief. the chief resigned, he had been on the the police force for 25 years and has been leading the department for more than a year. they showed up to the city council meeting to blast them. he said it led his departure to the police department's morale. some threatened council members could face a recall over the matter. 4:39 is the time, the long
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fight over the future of a mobile home park is over. >> all the people that, people with families and everything. >> coming up in 24 minutes, reaction to the decision and the only thing the city can do to help the hundreds of people living on the property. >> first saved by a stranger, after the break, the way a passer-by, at the right place at the right time rescued a puppy at the side of a mountain. >> we're looking at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 looks food a opened 78 years ago today. >> we're joined by the low clouds once again fairly widespread, the second part of the morning and an earlier burnoff and a warming trend and i'll have more details for you coming up.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, a journalist jailed in iran for more than ten minutes has had his first day in court. 39-year-old jason was working as a washington post turin bureau chief had he was arrested and accused of spying. his trial is in secret with only his attorney allowed in the courtroom. he holds dual us iranian citizenship. that doesn't seem to matter to eye rap. >> the reaction, he's iranian, you're america, we don't have to talk to you about iranian citizens. >> this are reports that in iranian media. he read the indictment in a two- hour session. reportedly all of his activities were part of his work as a journalist. it is not clear when the trial
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will resume. >> they'll refuse to lift a hold to shed millions of undocumented immigrants on deportation. the president's executive action on immigration should remain on hold pending further judicial proceedings. since congress hasn't passed any legislation, he will take executive action on immigration reform. all 26 states filed a lawsuit said that the president exceeded his authority. the obama administration may appeal the latest ruling and the entire issue may end up before the supreme court. the state assembly has passed a bill for the latest ballot measures. it calls for the killings of gays and lesbians. it increases the fees from $500 to $8,000. harris has asked the courts to
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reject the anti-gay measure. a 82-year-old pleasanton man died after collapsing at the grand canyon visitor center over the weekend. a c period of time r and defibrillators was used to try to resuscitate, and he was pronounced dead. especially it's the fourth fatality at the grand canyon this year. a person saved a puppy. the puppy tumbled down a cliff. one of the owners went to look for help. just then a man walked by and offered his assistance. >> he could have easily walked by and said good luck and kept going on his way and he didn't. it restores our faith in humanity, it's a very good deed. >> that man is an experienced hiker, he climbed down the cliff inures cooled cued hazel
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and the pup was okay, slightly injured but okay. two walk into a courtroom. the animal's court case is no laughing matter. they plan to argue that their clients leo and hercules have personhood rights and they should be freed from new york, where they're kept for certain studies. they believe the court should dismiss the petition. the chimps are not expected to be in court. let's check in with sal with our early morning traffic. how is it looking there. >> brian, pam, good morning. pam, welcome back. >> good morning. the traffic looks good. i won't complain, there's nothing to complain about. highway 4 looks good, westbound highway 4 is moving along well, coming up to the willow pass grade and traffic looks good
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going by. there is highway 24 westbound, the traffic continues to look very nice as you drive through and there are no major problems and when you get over to the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic continues to move nicely. we did have highway 4 there, there it is, highway 4 looks pretty good. i see activity on the right- hand side, i see flashing lights, a fire engine perhaps going on over there. we investigate and figure out whether it's anything or if it's just something minor. 4:47 let's go to rosemary. hello rosemary. >> hi sal. we have warmer weather coming our way. especially the inland areas, we'll continue a trend into the weekend. things begin to drop off some. today a few degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll take baby steps, friday looks to be the warmer days and then again on sunday, we'll
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have the temperatures come down some. it won't be widespread along the coastline, we'll remain on the cool side, about you our inland cities will reach into the mid-80s by friday into saturday. 55 in walnut creek. 55 in oakland, widespread cloud cover once again. the patchy drizzle not as thick and wet as yesterday morning. 54 redwood city, 57 in mountain view. and through the delta seeing gusts at 30 miles per hour in and around travis. for the time being, it seems similar to how we started yesterday. 52 wood side, 55 palo alto when it comes to the numbers and onshore wind. 56 degrees in gilroy, as we get into your afternoon, you're going to see the a's play, 62 degrees partly cloudy skies and the onshore breeze will be tapering off as we get into the afternoon and the northwesterly will be picking up a little more. 74 expected, 72 petaluma, 72 in
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novato. 60 degrees for the beach. head to the east bay we have mid-60s in berkeley and alameda, 66 san leandro and upper 60s for livermore, antioch and pittsburg. 74 san jose, upper 60s for morgan hill. we have 74 in redwood city. that number is not correct. i'll have to change that, 58 is not the expected high there, it will be warmer for your afternoon. 52 san francisco, but upper 50s and partly cloudy skies remaining in the coastline. the coast doesn't change a lot. around the bay we do a warmup, we're looking at low 70s this weekend into tomorrow and portions of the weekend nice and comfortable, the warmup is going to be in the inland communities, it may be a pal day on friday and saturday and we haven't seen 80s since the start of may.
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>> it's been a weird month. >> yes. it got my attention, a pool day, we haven't had that. >> it will be a busy day at the coliseum economics, the a's are hosting the detroit tigers hours before the warriors hold game 5, they could win the series with the tigers, but they dropped the second game of their series last night. this was a 1-0 by that throwing error by the a's, the first pitch of today's game is 12:35, a nice little lunch time matchup there. they're urged to take public transportation, ticket orders are heading to the parking lot and the giants will go for a sweep of the brewers in milwaukee today, they're scoring, and it's good to have them back. first inning yesterday, one of they giants home runs in a 6 n
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3 win. today's game 10:40 in the start before the giants head back home. they have a 4-game series, and that a boy. i got lost in the highlands there. >> that was a good one. that was a good one. and the warriors are home? >> yes, they are. >> i'm glad they're home. 4:51 is the time. the harsh words from the vatican about ireland's historic vote legalizing gay marriage. >> an obsession with killing, the shocking evidence involving the colorado movie shooter.
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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. welcome back everybody, time now is 4:54, new evidence has been presented in the colorado movie theatre shooting james holmes. he was sent to a psychiatrist before the 2012 attack. it's evidence that he was sane when he went to the shooting rampage and left 12 dead and 70 others injured. police used their remote controlled robots from the doctors room three years ago. he describes his obsession to kill since he was a child and life long hatred of mankind. he's not guilty by reason of insanity his attorneys say. they've reopened a cold
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case involving an exchange student from sweden. she was missing since 1982. she was last seen in larks burr. her bones were discovered in 2010. they were recently identified. they're looking to find henry lee coal man. he was found with her car ten days after his disappearance. he was charged with the stolen vehicle, but not the murder because of lack of evidence. >> they're trying to determine if he's still alive. >> she's survived by three brothers and they're saddened but relieved her remains have been found. a man briefly escaped after he squeezed out of his handcuffs. he was due in court on drug
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charges, he was handcuffed to another inmate on a bus when he managed to escape outside of the courthouse in san jose. he was captured within ten minutes, he and the other deputies involved in the pursuit suffered minor injuries. molestation sauce suspect overpowered a deputy on march 6th on his way to a medical appointment. he was found in mississippi and extradited back to reel california. bay home prices are increasing faster than anywhere in the country. home prices grew 10% compared to the same time last year. nationally home prices only went up an average of 4%. the report did not include homes in salerno, napa or santa clara counties. san francisco muni has expanded a new program to get
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passengers on and off trains faster. it was launched on three downtown sessions on sunday. it allows trains to pull into a station at the same time, and riders get off on both trains. officials say it was working well at first, there's a intermittent problem with signs and announcements that are not 'n sync with the trains. >> going on next, san jose is forced to make an negligent landing. they detected a fire. we're going to tell you what firefighters found when the plane landed. >> thousands of bikes could be added to bay area roads. >> we're looking at highway 101 in central san raphael. we'll tell you a little more about the morning commute. >> a bay area warmup is on the way outside of our doors this morning joined by clouds and temperatures in the 50s, we'll
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check in on those current conditions and take a look at what you can expect for the afternoon coming up.
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. the chp is searching this morning for a girl who may be in trouble after a bay bridge
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toll taker witnessed a disturbing scene. what he saw and how you can help coming up. >> the fate of the only mobile home park in palo alto, we'll tell you what the vote was and what it means for the people who live there. >> we're getting new information about a major international sports scandal. several soccer officials indicted in a corruption probe. it's all ahead on mornings on 2. good morning, thank you for waking up with us. we're live at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's because a toll taker noticed a young girl screaming for help inside an suv over the weekend, a couple of days, ktvu's alex savage will have more on the search on the suv and the photos investigators want you to see just to make sure that little girl is okay. that's a


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